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Visiting Fairplex with the Lights Out

Last night, we attended the media night preview of Lights Out at Pomona Fairplex, which turns out to be the kind of Halloween attraction that has virtually gone extinct in Los Angeles: a popup haunted house walkthrough that is not part of a major theme park. In fact, there are three walkthrough labyrinths with scare actors and a fourth that is more like an elaborate home haunt yard display. Lights Out also includes a Zombie Ball shooting gallery with live targets, a Shipwreck Stage pumping out dance music, a Tavern of Terror concocting cocktails, and a Devil’s Diner serving entrees, deserts, and drinks.

This is definitely an old-school approach to Halloween Haunting that fills a gaping void, especially for residents of San Gabriel and Pomona Valleys. We will be back with full coverage ASAP.

Check out our review of Lights Out below…

Scares at the Fair – Fearplex Presents Lights Out

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