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Halloween 2014: Western House of Darkness photographs

Western House of Darkness 2014 photographsWho said, “Fortune smiles upon the just”? Probably no one, because it’s seldom true – but it was in our case today, as Hollywood Gothique was fortunate enough to stumble upon one of the many Halloween Home Haunts in Los Angeles that we have never visited before. Well, “stumble” is a bit of an exaggeration; let’s say that circumstances brought us to the general area of the Western House of Darkness, and no sooner had we decided to seek out this location than we realized that it was only a block away – big as life and stopping traffic as curious drivers and passengers pulled over to the sidewalk to peruse the horrors on display in broad daylight.

Befitting its name, the Western House of Darkness is located on Western Avenue, near the corner of 29th Street, not too far from the University of Southern California and the Coliseum. Though not a major thoroughfare, Western is a busy street, with a mix of residential and business property, and the House of Darkness is tucked between a a fishing tackle store and a hair design studio, its modest front yard packed with mannequins, coffins, and other decorations. Several familiar faces are on display: Freddy, Jason, and Michael Myers, not to mention Frankenstein, Nosferatu, and Regan Teresa MacNeil. There were a few moving mechanical props, and we’re sure the display is even more impressive at night, with full lighting, music, and sound effects.

Though not as elaborate as some of our favorite yard haunts, the Western House of Darkness is a virtual oasis in the desert – one of the few (perhaps the only?) noteworthy amateur Halloween display in the West Adams district. Though it seems clearly intended as a neighborhood event rather than a tourist attraction, the Western House of Darkness is worth a drive-by, especially if you happen to catch a performance of Delusion Lies Within, which is ten minutes away at 2525 Arlington Avenue.

The Western House of Darkness is located 2821 S. Western Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90018. On Halloween Night, starting at 7pm, the owners typically dress up in costume and deliver a scare or two while passing out treats to local children. The front yard display  is currenlty ready for viewing. Best bet for parking is on 29th Street. Click here for information on their Facebook page.

For a glimpse of what the Western House of Darkness has to offer, you can check out the gallery below.