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Wicked Lit 2013 Preview-Interview

Looking for a more dramatic form of fear this Halloween? Then why not explore the dank and dismal horrors of the Wicked Lit Halloween Theatre Festival? This year, starting on October 3, Wicked Lit will present dramatizations of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s THE NEW CATACOMB, H.P. Lovecraft’s THE LURKING FEAR, and Washington Irving’s THE LEGEND OF SLEEPY HOLLOW – staged in the Mountain View Mausoleum and Cemetery in Altadena.

Watch a video version of the Wicked Lit podcast above, or listen to the audio version below.

Wicked Lit is a unique Halloween attraction. Audiences for the trio of one-act plays arrive at a central courtyard, where Story Guides divide them into groups and lead them to areas in and around the mausoleum, often moving from room to room to follow the action. The authentic atmosphere and the complete absence of the proverbial fourth wall create an immersive experience that lasts from your arrival on the grounds, until your final departure.

Wicked Lit was created in 2009 by Unbound Productions, a theatre company dedicated to presenting plays based on classic literature, staged in unusual locations. The founding members are Paul Millet, Jeff G. Rack, and Jonathan Josephson, who wrote or co-wrote all three of this year’s adaptations, which are being directed by Millet, Rack, and guest director Douglas Clayton. Josephson sat down earlier this week to discuss what Unbound Productions planned to achieve with this year’s incarnation of Wicked Lit.

The Wicked Lit Halloween Theatre Festival runs at the Mountain View Mausoleum and Cemetery Thrusdays through Sundays in October, plus November 1 and 2. The address is 2300 Marengo Avenue in Altadena. Get more information, including ticket prices at Unbound Productions.org.

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