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Wicked Lit 2014: the best time you’ll have in a cemetery this Halloween

Dear, oh dear… it seems we have yet to review the Wicked Lit Halloween Theatre Festival’s 2014 production. Not because we’re shying away or don’t have anything good to say – far from it. It’s just been a matter of a hectic season that sees us running from one event to the next with precious little time in between to sit down and report on the sights we’ve seen. The truth is: Wicked Lit 2014 is so good that we do not want to just dash off a few hurried lines, but rather than keeping you in suspense until our schedule permits us the necessary concentration, here is the short version:

We picked Wicked Lit as the best attraction of the year in our 2013 Halloween Haunt Awards. This year’s Wicked Lit is even better. Will they take the award twice in a row? You do the math.

Pictured at top: Angie-Hobin in Dracula’s Guest at Wicked Lit 2014. Photo-by-Daniel-Kitayama.