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Wicked Lit 2016: From Beyond photos

Wicked Lit Halloween Theatre Festival returns at the end of this month with another trio of short plays, which will run on weekends throughout October and the beginning of November. This year’s titles are Anansi and the Demons, The Shadowy Third, and From Beyond; the wrap-around story framing the trilogy is Camp Mountain View.

Adapted by Trey Nichols from the story by H.P. Lovecraft, From Beyond previous appeared as a staged reading, directed by James Castle Stevens during the 2015 off-season “Summer Installation” of Wicked Lit. The new version is being directed by Jeff G. Rack, with Dustin Hess and Eric Keitel back in the roles of  Charles Tillinghast and Howard Phillips. We thought the earlier presentation was full of unrealized promise, thanks to the difficulty of translating Lovecraft’s slim plot and hyperactive prose to the dramatic medium.

Judging by the preview photographs, the new staging of From Beyond will substantially enlarge the scope, making greater use of the available locations in the Mountain View Mortuary and Cemetery, where Wicked Lit will be staged once again, as it has been since Halloween 2010.

The season begins with a preview on Thursday, September 29, followed by regular performances on October 2, 6-9, 13-16, 19-21, 22-31; and November 3-6, 10-12. Pre-show begins at 7:15pm every night, with plays beginning at  7:30pm.

Tickets start at $40, with prices varying according to the date. There is also a Post-Show Back Stage Experience: for an additional fee, 12 guests may join the producers and/or directors for a tour through the mausoleum, hearing anecdotes about the creation of Wicked Lit.

The address of Mountain View Mortuary and Cemetery is 2300 Marengo Ave, Altadena 91001. For more information, call 818 242 7910 or visit www.unboundproductions.org.

Steve Biodrowski, Administrator

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