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Wicked Lit one night only this Halloween

More bad news for Halloween 2019: the Wicked Lit Halloween Theatre Festival will not be presenting its usual month-long production. Instead, this year’s event will be reduced to a single-night fundraiser, featuring excerpts of previously produced plays staged in the mausoleum of the Mountain View Cemetery. There will also be staged readings and performances throughout the grounds, an auction of Wicked Lit memorabilia, a cash bar, and snacks.

The decision was the result of “scheduling conflicts” that made the traditional Wicked Lit presentation “untenable for this year.”

The Wicked Lit fundraiser will take place on Saturday, October 19. Tickets are not yet available. Check the official website for updates: unboundproductions.org.

Also newsworthy: Wicked Lit’s artistic director Paul Millet will leave his position at the end of this year. Along with Jonathan Josephson and Jeff G. Rack, Millet is a founding member of Unbound Productions. The trio virtually wrote and directed all of the early Wicked Lit productions themselves, but in recent years they have branched out into other endeavors while inviting new talent to write and direct Wicked Lit’s annual anthology of plays based on classic horror stories.

Steve Biodrowski, Administrator

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