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Yard Haunt Updates: Alien Infestation, Pirates of Evergreen

We have just added a couple of new listings to our Halloween Yard Haunts page: Alien Infestation and Pirates of Evergreen. The first is a new attraction from Ryan Carter, who used to put on the Bayou of Blood (and who also helps out at Old Town Haunt); this one is in San Bernadino, a little out of our usual jurisdiction, but it sounds fun. The second is another Burbank-area yard haunt with a nautical theme; the decor looks quite elaborate, and best of all, on Halloween night is is haunted by a shipful of pirates (actually guest attending an out door party).

Title: Alien Infestation
Location: 2734 Annapolis Circle, San Bernadino, CA
Link out: Click here
Description: In a scenario roughly akin to H.P Lovecraft’s “The Colour Out of Space,” Alien Infestation invites you to tour the impact of a meteor strike on San Bernadino, which has adversely affected the local environment and creating mutant creatures of every description.
Dates: Saturday, October 24, 7-9pm; Friday, October 30, 7-9pm; and Saturday, October 31, 7-10pm

Title: Pirates of Evergreen
Location: 1730 North Evergreen Street, Burbank, CA
Description: This pirate-themed yard haunt and party takes place on Halloween Night. The bulk of the display is up the night before, if you want to drive by and take a look, but the real fun is on October 31, when the yard is populated by pirates enjoying the festivities. The pirate-party has grown so popular that it has inspired neighbors to join in the Halloween fun, creating several other impressive displays nearby.
Dates: October 30-31 at dusk