Young Frankenstein screening

Event Date & Time: "Lasting Impressions" film series
Location: Aero Theatre - 1328 Montana Avenue, Santa Monica
In Person: Teri Garr
As part of its new "Lasting Impresisons" -- a monthly series featuring screenings and conversations with actors and filmmakers -- the American Cinematheque will be showing YOUNG FRANKENSTEIN, with actress Teri Garr in person to discuss the movie.

The screening will take place at the Aero Theatre on March 4 at 7:30pm.

Personally, I've always found YOUNG FRANKENSTEIN to be overrated (well, not "always" -- I liked the movie when I was a kid, but then I grew up). Still, it might be fun to revisit it and hear what Garr has to say. I certainly hope she's more articulate than when I interviewed her on the set of MOM AND DAD SAVE THE WORLD. My first question really threw her, and I never could understand why, because it seemed pretty straigth-forward, considering the movie.

As the title suggests, MOM AND DAD SAVE THE WORLD is a comedy about an ordinary married couple -- not heroic movie archetypes -- who get caught up in a huge adventure, saving the world from an alien invasion. So I started off the interview with Garr by asking a question that incorporated Rod Serling's description of THE TWILIGHT ZONE: "What's it like playing an ordinary person caught up in extraordinary circumstances?"

She looked at me with a rather flustered expression, as if I had asked her to explain Einsteinien Relativity, mumbled something about liking the script because it was funny, screwed up her face, and repeated the words "ordinary people in extraordinary circumstances" as if they were some kind of enigmatic non-sequiter.

And it was all downhill from there, so I was never able to use any of the interview.

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