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Zombie Composer Cut coming to L.A.

Zombie Composer's Cut TourItalian composer Fabio Frizzi, best known for his numerous collaborations with director Lucio Fulci, will tour the United States this fall to support his 2023 album, Zombie Composer’s Cut, an expanded version of his score for the infamous 1979 gore opus. Starting in Brooklyn on September 5, the tour reaches California on the 24th with a stop in Sacramento, followed by appearances in San Francisco on the 25th, Los Angeles on the 26th, and San Diego on the 27th. Venues for Los Angels and San Diego have yet to be announced.

Unlike Fulci’s composer’s cut for The Beyond (1981), which featured the complete, uncut score for the film, the Zombie composer’s cut reworked versions of the original themes along with completely new music. In both cases, the result was enough music to create an almost wall-to-wall live performance.

The film known as Zombie in the U.S. was released as Zombie 2 in its native Italy, where George A. Romero’s Dawn of the Dead (1978) had been retitled Zombie. Directed by Fulci, Zombie 2 (also known as Zombie Flesh Eaters) has little in common with Romero’s film beyond gory depictions of zombies eating humans; it is perhaps best remembered for the outrageous (and outrageously effective) scene of a wooden splinter piercing a female victim’s eye. Otherwise, the movie offers a more traditional presentation of zombies, featuring an atmospheric Caribbean Island location and several references to voodoo as the source of the living dead.

Frizzi will perform the music with his Frizzi 2 Fulci band, consisting of drummer Federico Tacchia, bassist Roberto Fasciani, guitarists Riccardo Rocchi and Francesco Saguto, and keyboardist Alessio Contorni.

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