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Zombie Walk – and another Zombie play

Speaking of zombies (as I was in this post about a stage production of NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD), a fascinating first-person article at LA Alternative.Com (update: link now dead) describes a recent “zombie walk.” Basically, a “flash mob” (a group of strangers who assemble for a meeting announced on the Internet) hit Hollywood Blvd, dressed in zombie regalia, and annoyed the tourists – a sort of satirical performance art. Read the whole thing. It’s pretty fun. Anyway, I found the article by following a link from a website promoting a play called “They’re Not Zombies,” which is being put on by a group called Theatre East.

I guess one zombie play at a time just isn’t enough for Hollywood. (Despite the disclaimer in the title, THEY’RE NOT ZOMBIES sure sounds like a zombie story.) Billed as a “comedy that will rip your guts out,” the story (as elucidated on the website) goes something like this:

The city is erupting in mass murder, leaving a few survivors wondering what the cause is. Biological warfare? Stem cell research? A strange fascination with horror movies? Whatever is making these people kill and walk funny, a stubborn few are convinced of one thing…They’re not zombies!

The play, which is written and directed by Leif E. Gantvoort, opened on October 19. Remaining dates are October 26-31, November 2-4, 9-11, and either 16-18 or 17, 23, 24, 25. The dates on the play’s website do not match with the dates on the Theatre East website, so you might want to call and check.

Shows begin at 8:00pm (except for October 29, which starts at 9:30pm).

You can reserve a seat by calling 323-957-5782, or you can use an e-mail form available at the “They’re Not Zombies” website. Lex Theatre is located at 6760 Lexington Avenue, Hollywood, CA