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300 Days of Sodom

Digby over at the political blog Hullabaloo has an amusing post about the joy and ecstasy some right-wing Internet commentators have expressed over the movie 300.

Digby says this is “the most breathless, overwrought wingnut attempt to find relevance in popular culture yet.”

Digby quotes some relevant comments, such as this one from The Jawa Report:

“Go see 300. If you don’t like it you probably hate America. That, or you’re gay.”

Digby’s response is a sarcastic “Right,” followed by a nifty picture of all those manly men.

Digby goes on to point out that America isn’t Sparta and the people singing hymns of praise to this movie are not about to go out and actually enlist for some real warfare; they’re just going to blog about how patriotic they are and how great the movie is and how much they wish America were more like this instead of having been made all wimpy by democrats and liberals. To wit:

These flabby keyboarders are just big babies like their hero Dick Cheney, getting all hot and bothered at the sight of all those rock-hard abs and all that death. If they want a piece of it, there are military recruiters everywhere who would be more than willing to sign them up. […] Once they get through [bootcamp] and do some time in an actual war zone, then maybe they can cheer wildly at “gladiator” movies and talk about manly-men without sounding like a bunch of fools or closet cases.