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All Saints Lunatic Asylum: Friday the 13th Video Interview

The All Saints Lunatic Asylum Haunted Attraction was doing impressive business on Friday the 13th of July, scaring visitors who had come to Apple Valley in the high desert from as far away as Fontana, Norwalk, and Los Angeles. The layout and scenes were mostly familiar from Halloween 2017’s presentation (reviewed here), but there were some modifications in order to theme the attraction for the unfortunate day; besides the familiar faces of Pickles the Clown and Mr Smiley, Jason Voorhees was on hand, and the asylum nurses sported name tags in the shape of those feline bringers of bad luck, black cats.

The main impression we retained from our previous visit was that All Saints Lunatic Asylum is much more extensive and elaborate than one would expect from the rather inauspicious exterior (a space in a small strip mall). Even so, we were surprised again at just how many horror scenes are squeezed into what must be a relatively limited space – just when we thought we had seen everything we remembered, there was one more scene, and then another, and another…

We took the opportunity to interview the nurses about possibly admitting a family member in need of asylum. Check out their responses in the video…

If you want to see more of All Saints Lunatic Asylum, the haunted attraction has its own YouTube channel here.

All Saints Lunatic Asylum offers haunt experiences throughout the year – on Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Easter, and Friday the 13th – but of course it pulls out all the stops for Halloween. Unfortunately, July 13 was the haunt’s last event until October; fright fans are recommended to take the long drive out to Apple Valley.

All Saints Lunatic Asylum Friday the 13th Rating

Bottom Line

Friday the 13th is as good an excuse as any to revisit All Saints Lunatic Asylum, but the infamously unlucky day does not offer a great opportunity to re-theme the event. Except for the presence of Jason Voorhees and a few black cat decorations, this is largely the same as the Halloween show – still good, just not much different. Definitely worthwhile for haunted house fans who can’t stand the long wait until next October.

Steve Biodrowski, Administrator

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