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Biscuit The Gingerbread Man’s Spectacular Holiday Light Adventure: Review

Chino Hills’ Fear in 3D morphs into a Christmas walk-through.

We often wonder how independent pro-haunters would fare off doing a non-scare Holiday experience.  Will there be anything remotely spooky or creepy, even the tiniest of things or can they completely turn off Halloween and do Christmas? We may have our answer after visiting Biscuit The Gingerbread Man’s Spectacular Holiday Light Adventure in Chino Hills, from the creators of this Halloween’s Fear in 3D (reviewed here).

It turns out that the haunters can tune out all spooky vibes and do something else instead – an all ages appropriate, non-scare walk-through that is both merry and wonderful!  We should mention that the proprietors of this holiday attraction have an actual Christmas Light business, which likely provided added value to the entire experience.  With a “decorated” resume (yes, yes – pun intended), there was definitely a level of expectation coming into this experience.

Biscuit The Gingerbread Man’s Spectacular Holiday Light Adventure: Walk-through

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The exterior has been redressed as a large gingerbread house belonging to Biscuit, a complete 180 degree overhaul from Halloween.  As the story goes, Biscuit has run away from home and we need to try to help locate him and bring him back.  When you’re successful doing that, because Biscuit is hard to miss; you can make this walk-through even more interactive by counting how many gingerbread men there are.  If you can guess right, you can get a prize. With each room themed differently, this really felt like a haunted maze but in a whimsical holiday format.  There were also characters and elves to add to the experience, a very helpful elf even offered to help us take a photo; an elfie.  This walk-through will last as long as you want it to and you are free to take however many photos you’d like.

Biscuit The Gingerbread Man’s Spectacular Holiday Light Adventure: Conclusion

First off, it is rare to see indoor Christmas/Holiday experiences.  Secondly, it’s near impossible to find a Holiday walk-through since walk-throughs are mainly known to be associated with haunts or haunted mazes.  We loved the idea of a Holiday walk-through; it gives us the fix needed from Halloween withdrawals but just no scares.  Plus it is bright enough for all ages to walk through and there are plenty of photo taking opportunities.  The advantages of having an indoor space is that it is easier to create an immersive feeling.  Once we entered Biscuit’s home, we were inside a world of Christmas.

Biscuit The Gingerbread Man's Spectacular Holiday Light Adventure 2021 Rating
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Bottom Line

They made it feel like Christmas.  This wonderful indoor holiday adventure goes on until January 2nd, 2022, on multiple days and times as early as the afternoon.  Tickets start at $8 for groups of 5 and $15 for individuals with VIP packages going up to $35 a ticket.  Seasonal snacks and gifts are available at the entrance and parking is free.  For more information, visit: https://holidaylightadventure.com/


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