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Blackout Haunted House comes to L.A.

Dates: October 20-21, 23-31; November 1-4, 6-10
Location: 207 South Broadway, 2nd Floor, Los Angeles, CA 90012

Description: A new Halloween event comes to Los Angeles! The Blackout Haunted House has been a big hit in New York City for the past few years. Its gimmick is that visitors pass through the completely dark maze alone, with only a mask and a flashlight to protect them from whatever horrors lurk within. Judging from the reviews, the experience has less to do with Halloween Horror than with torture porn, S&M, and Abu Ghraib: the actors touch you and invade your personal space; you may find yourself shackled in the dark with a bag over your head. The website warns that you will encounter: fog, strobe lights, complete darkness, crawling, stairs, loud noises, water, physical contact, sexual and violent situations. Only those 18 and over may attend; all patrons are required to sign a waver before entering.

Blackout Haunted Housoe

Tickets are $35 on school nights, $45 on weekends and Halloween. Performance times are at 7, 8, 9 & 10pm on weeknights, with an additional 6pm slot on weekends.

Link out: Click here