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Kay Linaker, the actress-turned-screenwriter who co-wrote the 1958 version of THE BLOB, died recently. Unfortunately, I never met or interviewed Linkaker, even though I wrote an extensive retrospective on the film for Cinefantastique way back in the 1980s, which you can read online here.

The motivation for the retrospective was the 1988 remake of THE BLOB, which turned out to be a box office dud. The sad news for me was that, along with my coverage of the original film, I had conducted several interviews for a cover story about the new version, but those pretty much got flushed down the toilet when the film exited from theatres.

After all these years, I hauled the old transcripts out of the filing cabinet and put together a retrospective on the 1988 version. Although it never appeared as the intended cover story of Cinefantastique magazine, it is now available at the CFQ website. Just click here.