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Cinefamily presents Beyond Anime

The Cinefamily starts the New Year off right with a series of animated films entitled Beyond Anime. Leading off is PAPRIKA, the well received film from directo Satoshi Kon, who first gained American attention with PERFECT BLUE and more recently with MEMORIES and MILLENNIUM ACTRESS. All movies screen at midnights on Fridays at the Silent Movie Theatre in the Fairfax district of Los Angeles.

Title: Paprika
Description: Director Satoshi Kon’s anime film version of the novel by Yasutaka Tsutsui.
Date: January 09

Title: Belladonna of Sadness
Description: A “ravishing hallucinatory fable alluding to both women’s lib and sexual liberation.”
Date: January 16

Title: Mind Game
Description: A “philosophic yet playful cartoon” from anime veteran Masaaki Yuasa.
Date: January 23

Location: The Silent Movie Theatre is located at 611 N Fairfax Avenue, Los Angeles, 90036. Call 323-655-2510 for more information, or visit their website: www.silentmovietheatre.com.