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Classic Home Haunts Panel, Part 1: Rick Polizzi of Boney Island

On August 10, 2013, Hollywood Gothique’s Steve Biodrowski hosts the Classic Home Haunts panel at ScareLA, the debut installment of the Los Angeles Halloween convention.In the first installment of this video, Rick Polizzi talks about Boney Island, his Sherman Oaks yard haunt. Listen in for the behind the scenes story of how he got started with the world’s first skeleton carnival, which later morphed into a skeleton magic show.

The Boney Island Yard Haunt is a family-friendly Halloween event that runs for a couple weeks every October. Check out the website here: www.boneyisland.com

Check back for subsequent guests on the panel:Diane Meyer of Rotten Apple 907 and Jeff Gustafson of the Backwood Maze.