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Coffin Creek 2017 Review

Following its partial rebirth in 2016, Coffin Creek is now running at full capacity for Halloween 2017.  This year, there are three mazes, one hayride, and a haunted trail.  There are also more concessions and vendors.

Coffin Creek 2017 Review: New/Resurrected Attractions

After going on hiatus during Halloween 2015, Coffin Creek returned last year with only three mazes, instead of the five attractions it had featured when running at full capacity. Since the company responsible for two of the old mazes (Labyrinth of Lost Relics and Chambers of the Mausoleum) is no longer involved with Coffin Creek, not all of the old attractions are back. Resurrected this year is The Shady Hollow Hayride; new for 2017 is Dark Realm.

The Shady Hollow Hayride, located at the back portion of coffin creek, is set in a deserted western town. There are two rides going on at once: one is pulled by a tractor and the other is pulled by a barely alive Toyota Tundra with expired tags dubbed: FrankenToyota.  We were fortunate enough to be pulled by the latter.  Part of the scare was wondering if this truck would last the entire hayride. Because the western sets were already built in the back, you would encounter rednecks and hillbillies that seem to not have eaten for days or even weeks. The problem is, there are no lights; so you will not see them coming until they are right next to you.

Dark Realm takes visitors inside an underground world where they encounter demons and monsters. The story is explained to at the beginning: an ancient evil has been unleashed, and it needs to be stopped. This maze is semi-interactive as a warrior leads visitors into certain areas and helps them fend off the monsters. However, he cannot be there the entire time. So it is up to you to rise up to the challenge. Are you brave enough to to survive the ordeal in the caves?

Coffin Creek 2017 Review: Returning Attractions

Returning from 2016 are The Haunted Asylum, The Catacombs of Guasti, and the Prado Witch Trail. True to its name, The Haunted Asylum is inhabited by crazy patients and a deranged doctor. The scare actors will constantly alert you that the Doctor is in, and he can definitely see you. The infamous Doctor is a much scarier this year – just hope that he isn’t as crazy as the patients.

The Catacombs of Guasti features a couple of new elements, including a small queue-triage area once you enter the catacombs. A voice informs you that a tribunal has charged you with heresy and ask what you plead. Be aware that the proper judgment and punishment will be delivered swiftly after your plea! You are then exiled to the catacombs, where you encounter robed figures and attempt to find solace and sanctuary at the church.  Only then will you survive the catacombs.

Unfortunately we did not hike on The Prado Witch Trail this year – the actors were already packed up before the haunt’s official closing time. However, you can read our review from last year.

Coffin Creek 2017 Review: Logistics & Other Information

Parking is $5.  Arrive early, even with a front of the line pass. The attractions are spread out in two separate locations, making it difficult to reach all of them in time. Located to the right when you enter are The Haunted Asylum and The Catacombs of Guasti, near the ticket booths. To the left by the parking lot is the Prado Witch Trail.  The Shady Hollow Hayride, Dark Realm, an Escape Room, and the vendors are located in the back.  It is recommended that you drive up there to save the seven-minute walk.  Also, since the attraction is on mainly dirt and on a hill, it can get very windy with dust everywhere, so be advised and wear proper attire.

Coffin Creek Halloween Haunt continues at Crossroads Riverview Park on  October 28, 29 and Halloween Night. The address is 14600 Baron Drive, Corona, CA 92880. Get more info at: coffincreek.com.

Coffin Creek 2017 Review

Bottom Line

Following its partial rebirth in 2016, Coffin Creek is now running at full capacity for Halloween 2017.


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