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Creature from the Black Lagoon Quote

In the past I’ve ranted about quote whores – critics who sing loud hymns of praise in the hope of being quoted in advertisements – so it is a bit surreal to see myself being quoted. The webpage for the new Creature from the Black Lagoon show at Universal Studios Hollywood contains an excerpt (which you can see by expanding the image on top) from my review of the show:

The vocal performances are strong and the production values, including a mammoth sized mechanical creature, are absolutely fantastic.

The Creature sings!
The Creature sings!

I don’t mind being quoted, since the excerpt is an accurate reflection of my review. Although others have voiced negative reactions about the show, I did enjoy the peformance quite a bit, despite my initial misgivings about a rock-n-roll stage version of THE CREATURE FROM THE BLACK LAGOON. Nevertheless, seeing my name there on the Universal website does feel a bit odd.

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