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Creepy House in Monterey Park

The San Gabriel Valley Tribune has an article posted about a woman named Delia Lamon, who is trying to revive the Halloween tradition in her Montery Park neighborhood by turning her house into an elaborate yard haunt for Halloween.

The gist of the article is that when Lamon was a youngster growing up in East Los Angeles, she used to trick-or-treat in Montery Park because it was considered to be a safer neighborhood, but having moved to the city as an adult, she was surprised at how few neighborhood kids came by for Halloween.

Last year, Lamon’s yard haunt attracted lots of kids from other neighborhoods; this year, she hopes the locals will show up as well.

The article does not explain why the Halloween turnout has been so low the past few years, but there are quotes from neighbors saying they are happy that Lamon is reviving what they consider to be an American tradition, and one suggests that the popularity of the season is growing because the “Asians are getting into it.”

The yard haunt sounds impressive: the article describes ghouls, vampires, fog, and mechanized creatures that cackle and/or jump out at you. Lamon says, “There’s only one thing my mom won’t let me put up, and that’s devils.”

Sounds like fun. Trick-or-treaters in the San Gabriel Valley area should check it out.

Location: 628 Harding Avenue in Monterey Park