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Delusion Lies Within closes


Despite earlier indications that Delusion Lies Within would extend its run into December, Delusion’s Facebook page has announced the close of its season:

The most epic, haunting and darkly euphoric season of Delusion has come to a close! #lieswithin has taken around 7300 people on a dark and memorable adventure not to be forgotten. We are beyond thankful to the amazing and supportive fans like yourselves who have taken this journey with us. The collective creation of a fantastical, other world within our tiny, little speck of time and space, has made a profound and lasting effect on so many. We have some pretty cool plans so make sure to stay in touch! With the inspired success of this year, Delusion will carry on in a big way….thanks to you!

The ticket-purchasing option on the official website has been removed, further indicating that there will be no additional dates.

We do not know the reason for this turn-around, but we had heard that any extension of the haunted play’s run would depend on permits, the process for which would work on a week-by-week basis. So it is possible that Delusion could have been preparing for performances in late November and December (putting out a casting call for actors on those dates), only to be denied a permit.