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Delusion pre-sale tix available Monday | Hollywood Gothique

Delusion pre-sale tix available Monday

Delusion Lies Within 2014Delusion - the interactive Halloween experience in Los Angeles - has announced on its Facebook page that pre-sale tickets will be available to its newsletter subscribers on Monday, August 25. The popular show typically sells out on peak days, so if you do not grab your tickets ASAP, you could find yourself empty-handed.

The title of the Halloween 2014 incarnation of the "haunted play" is Delusion Lies Within. Though dates and location have not been announced, John Braver informs us that the production will return to another dilapidated mansion in the West Adams area, near where the first two incarnations of Delusion were performed (in 2011 and 2012), which will hopefully eradicate the city permit problems that plagued the 2013 version, Delusion: Masque of Mortality.

The back story for Delusion Lies Within is revealed on the official website:

Your obsession has led you here. You stand before the manor of the great author, Elena Fitzgerald. To the larger world, Miss Fitzgerald is a beloved novelist, creator of the Stygian Descent; a twisted epic of dark fantasy.

To you, Elena is everything.

You’ve wept over the lives and deaths of her characters. You’ve dreamt of walking within her world; a dark world that follows the life of Elena’s daughter, Mary, on a hopeless quest to be rejoined with her mother. Part fiction, part reflection of reality… as Elena’s own daughter went missing before the series began.

For years now, no books have been released, nor has there been any sign of Mary or Elena. In its place, we hear only rumors of suicide, starvation… madness.

Like Elena, you have suffered long enough. You will invade Miss Fitzgerald’s manor. Her story must continue, must find its end to bring peace to your long-waiting minds..

2014 ticket prices have yet to be announced, but last year the going rate was $60.

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