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Depp does Dark Shadows, Makeup Man Willim Tuttle shuffles off this mortal coil, and Cinefantastique Online

The posting has been light around here recently because I’ve been devoting my attentions elsewhere:

  • You can find my appreciation of the late great makeup man William Tuttle here.
  • My reaction to the news that Johnny Depp plans to remake DARK SHADOWS is here.

I’ve always been a little uncomfortable posting generic horror movie news here because this website is supposed to be specifically focused on “Fantasy Films, Mystery Movies, Halloween Horror & Sci-Fi Cinema Events in Los Angeles.”

I will continue to post about those topics here, especially reviews of Halloween Horror events, but I have a new venue for writing about the genre in general: Cinefantastique Online.

I used to edit the print version of Cinefantastique magazine back in the 1990s. They stopped publication last year, due to dwindling sales (thanks a lot, Internet!), but they recently asked me to revive the franchise online. It’s still very much a Beta-version of what the website should be, but I’m already filling it up with content, even though it has not officiall launched yet. Check it out!