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Fallen Angel Cemetery 2011 Video

The caretaker at Fallen Angel Cemetery sent us this video, showcasing the souls of the damned who have been cast down to the nether regions. We don’t usually post videos from outside sources, but this one does a good job of conveying the atmosphere and look of this nifty little yard haunt. The only aspect that does not come through is the well timed lightening and thunder effects (omitted here to make room for a moody rendition of “Swan Lake” on the soundtrack – music associated with the horror genre ever since Universal Studios put it behind the titles of their 1931 DRACULA).

We made it out to Fallen Angel Cemetery last year, so we can vouch for it favorably. The only slightly misleading element of the video is that it might suggest a slightly larger haunt than actually exists (but this is true for almost all video – check out how small the TONIGHT SHOW set looks if you see it in person). The Fallen Angel Cemetery is essentially an elaborately decorated yard – no walk-through maze or costumed actors. But if you’re in the Woodland Hills area, it is worth a look.

Fallen Angel Cemetery is open through October 31, from dusk till 10pm nightly. The address is 23830 Berdon Street, Woodland Hills, CA 91367.