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Fear Farm Haunt 2022: Photos & Review

Our first journey to the Fear Farm Haunt in Phelan exceeded our expectations from this home haunt that’s technically a pro haunt that’s situated on a large estate.  With their own property, the haunt proprietors can afford to work on the props and sets and leave it there for as long as they please.  With a very appropriate “ghost town” called Grimstone; it reminded us of Knott’s Scary Farm’s “Ghost Town” since this area felt like the scare zone at “Fog Alley” just with less fog so you can appreciate the impressive old western facades. 

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Fear Farm Haunt Review: Chamber of the Damned Maze

We were told to do this one first and save the hayride for last so we obliged.  We first saw Chamber of the Damned at Midsummer Scream in the summertime.  With an amazing castle/tower facade that visibly overlooked every other haunt inside the Hall of Shadows at Midsummer Scream; we just had to see what the full walk-through offered.  The preview version did not disappoint and neither did the full one; this one was a bit longer and felt more complete.  Chamber of the Damned, true to its title, featured a mixture of a variety of dead characters and monsters inside each of their respective tombs.  Scares are well timed and very well hidden; they even seemed to do the standard Universal Halloween Horror Night pop-out jump scare better than they did in our opinion.  The part that really got us was when they did a reverse laser swamp; having the swamp above our heads and not being able to tell what’s lurking in the ceilings.

Fear Farm Haunt Review: Sundown Manor Maze

Since Fear Farm Haunt is on a large piece of land, it’s only right that there’s a haunted manor type maze.  Located in the very back of the haunt if you entered and kept on walking straight; the incredible two-story set piece looks like an actual building from afar.  This was clearly the better of the two mazes offered here at the Fear Farm.  One should expect everything you’d expect inside a large haunted mansion but plus a room which seemed like the basement where all the electricity controls are.  What’s so great about this compared to other “haunted mansion” haunts you say?  Two major things stood out for us.  The first was in the first room where there was a laser swamp effect; quite odd we thought.  However, that was really to distract you from the stretching-room effect; think “The Haunted Mansion” ride at Disneyland when you go inside the elevator.  With the right amount of fog, a laser swamp light symbolizing the “floor” plus a gradual decline of the floor; it took us by surprise and set a standard right off the bat.  The other neat trick that stood out was the kitchen room with the fridge.  A resident inside the kitchen taunted us before finally exposing the way to get out of there; it was through the fridge!  The temperature was lowered drastically and the walls were all frosted over with body parts trapped in the ice.  The rest of the manor was scary looking; they clearly should’ve called it “Rundown Manor” as set pieces were visibly aged and made to look like an abandoned and haunted mansion.

Fear Farm Haunt Review: The Haunted Hayride

Now we understand why they told us to save the hayride for last.   This was like no hayride we’ve ever experienced.  The groups on the vehicle were smaller and for good reason.  This hayride had its turbo boost on the whole time.  What should have been a slow cruise through the farm felt more like a roller coaster.  This wasn’t scary to our standards but it was more spooky fun than anything.  The trail was filled with comical characters and actions.  Most notable was the scene where a scare actor tossed a plush human doll from atop into our carriage.  Everyone had a good laugh and we named him Billy.  So we know there were at least 2 reasons to save this for last.  The first is that you might leave exhausted from all that turning and cornering but you’ll leave with a smile.  The second is that you’ll likely breathe in some dirt and have some in your eyes before the ride is over.  You’ll need your eyes to appreciate the 2 mazes at this haunt.

Fear Farm Haunt Review: Conclusion

Though we had elevated expectations because of their sets from Season’s Screamings and Midsummer Scream, we really did not know what to expect.  We certainly did not expect to be this entertained and pleasantly surprised.   It’s an incredible deal for what you get for $15; 3 attractions with unlimited admission.  The scariest thing may just be the drive out there if you aren’t a local; we sincerely mean that because it is a hike and there comes a point where there is no pavement and you wish you had a 4×4 SUV.  However, this was definitely worth the trip given the happiness we experienced there.

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A pro haunt on a residential property; the vibe feels like a backlot studio set once you step through the marquee of Fear Farm.  With the price of admission and free parking; this multi-haunt is definitely worth the drive out to the desert.  Fear Farm continues on select nights until October 31.  For more information, visit: www.fearfarmhaunt.com  

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