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From the Crypt: Hollywood Wax Musuem’s Chamber of Horrors

It’s time to haul an ancient article up from the depths of the forgotten crypt, exposing it to the light of day – where, hopefully, it will not dissipate like a vampire in sunlight.

Judging by the response to yesterday’s post “Visit the Dungeon of Doom at Hollywood Museum,” there are more than a few Halloween horror fans seeking Los Angeles-area attractions that are open now. Fortunately, I have a suggestion: the Chamber of Horrors inside the Hollywood Wax Museum. I visited this back in 2005 and posted a review here.

The wax museum itself was a mixed bag if memory serves: some good displays mixed in with some generic-looking dummies that had simply been put in a costume and placed in a set to cash in on some recent blockbuster. The Chamber of Horrors, however, was nicely done, with ominous atmosphere, well rendered wax figures, and a few effects (moving figures, blasts of pressurized air) that created the feel of a low-key fun house attraction.

In the nine years since my visit, much has changed, no doubt. However, if you are already in the Hollywood area to visit the Dungeon of Doom, the Chamber of Horrors is only a few minutes east on Hollywood Boulevard, so why not make it a double bill?

Wax figure of Vincent Price as Henry Jarrod in the Hollywood Wax Museums Chamber of Horrors. Copyright 2005 Lisa Twombly
Wax figure of Vincent Price in the Hollywood Wax Museum’s Chamber of Horrors. Copyright 2005 Lisa Twombly

One trivial but interesting side note: Earlier this year, when A Taste of Cinema posted their list of “10 Great Vincent Price Films Every Horror Fan Should See,” the article accidentally included my wife’s picture of the House of Wax display from the Chamber of Horrors instead of a still from the actual film. I guess that’s the ultimate tribute to the wax figure of Vincent Price: it was mistaken for the actual actor!

The Hollywood Wax Museum is located at 6767 Hollywood Blvd, Hollywood, CA 9028. Hours of operation are 10am to midnight, 365 days a year. You can find more information on their official webpage.