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Friday Cat Blogging: The Fly (1958)

After a long lapse, we resume the widescpread blogging tradition of posting cat photos on Friday. In our version of cat blogging, however, we like to show cats who have made memorable apperaances in horror, sci-fi, and fantasy films.

This week’s famous feline is Dandelo the cat, scene at left above in the 1958 version of THE FLY. Dandelo just misses out on his chance to become “the most famous cat in the world” when his master Andre Delambra sends him through a matter disintegrator-reintegrator (sort of the grandfather of the teleporter in STAR TREK).

Unfortunately, poor Dandelo disintegrates just fine, but he never reintegrates. Much to Andre’s dismay, all that’s left is a ghostly wail upon the soundtrack as Dandelo’s “stream of cat atoms” disappear into the ether.

THE FLY is considered to be a classic of 1950s science-fiction. Although the 1986 remake directed by David Cronenberg is the superior film, THE FLY is still an entertaining, if somewhat dated movie, definitely worth renting on DVD (along with its somewhat silly, if still enjoyable sequel RETURN OF THE FLY).