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Get discount tickets for San Francisco Dungeon’s Wicked Wednesday

Los Angeles Halloween fans disappointed by the number of haunts on hiatus this season should consider compensating the local dearth of death by heading up north for a tour through the San Francisco Dungeon – at a reduced price! The year-round attraction (which we reviewed here) has some special events planned for October, including the return of Miss Piggott, who presides over a saloon where drunken patrons may awaken to find themselves shanghaied into service aboard merchant sailing vessels.

San Francisco Dungeon Wicked WednesdayEven more interesting are the developments on the waterfront, which is normally the setting for a plague scene (based on a real event from the city’s history). However, on October 21st – Wicked Wednesday, as its being called – things go even more horribly awry, as an attempt to cure the disease inadvertently raises the dead. That’s right: the San Francisco Dungeon will be plagued by zombies.  There will be makeup artists present to help visitors blend in with the walking dead. This is a 21-and-over event; we’re informed that all zombies will receive “shots” to ward off their hunger for human flesh.

The San Francisco Dungeon is less an ordinary haunted house than a grim tour through the more horrible elements of San Francisco history. Audiences move through a series of scenes (Alcatraz, plague, a hanging judge), each with a live, dramatic element, usually interactive. The shudders are mild at first but build steadily the further you go.

Hollywood Gothique readers can get discount tickets to Wicked Wednesday by clicking here.


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