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Ghost Ship Update

A final update for those considering a trip out to Newport Beach to enjoy the much maligned Ghost Ship:

As last we noted, the opening weekend reactions prompted Ten Thirty One Productions to promise a new and improved attraction during its second week of operation. Although we have not taken a second voyage aboard the Ghost Ship, we have heard feedback from those who have. The general consensus seems to be that, if you liked Ghost Ship the first time out, you will like it even more now; however, it you were disappointed, the changes seem unlikely to sway your opinion.

From what we have heard, the upper deck attraction – a series of staged executions – has been expanded with new more gruesome effects, including death by decapitation. On the main deck, where you spend most of your time, a grudge match has been added between some of the inmates from the asylum for the criminally insane (which is located on the lower deck – a walk-through maze).

As we said in our review, we enjoyed Ghost Ship as a Halloween-themed harbor cruise; however, those looking for ninety-minutes of horror on the high-seas will probably not be satisfied.

Ghost Ship’s final cruises for Halloween 2001 take place tonight. We certainly hope this novel attraction returns next year, preferably with the nautical theme more fully expanded. Hey, Seaside Haunted Theme Park is no longer in operation; maybe some of that crew should be enlisted on board the ghost ship.