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Grindhouse Celebration at Lumiere Cinema

If you enjoy schlocky horror movies  – and who doesn’t? – this is for you! Grindhouse Celebration is coming to the Lumiere Cinema, offering fifteen films, plus trailers, special guests, and vendors.

The three-day film festival launches on Friday, August 11 with the world premiere of Masters of the Grind, a documentary celebrating exploitation cinema. Attending in person are writer-director Jason Rutherford and editor-producer Stevie Waichulis, along with Sybil Danning, William Crain, Lawrence Foldes, Laurene Landon, William Dear, Leon Isaac Kennedy and more. Also that night is a 35mm screening of There’s Nothing Out There, with writer-director Rolfe Kanefsky on hand for a Q&A.

Saturday, August 12th offers a twelve-hour marathon including I Drink Your Blood, An American Hippie In Israel, Trailer Apocalypse (35mm) The Beyond (35mm), The Tough Ones, VIC (35mm), Cannibal Holocaust (35mm), and Pieces (35mm).

Grindhouse Celebration wraps up on Sunday, August 13th with another all-day marathon, this one featuring titles from  Vinegar Syndrome label: Raw Force, Night Train to Terror (35mm), Tammy and The T-Rex, Spookies, Shriek of The Mutilated, and Don’t Go In The Woods (35mm). Actor-Producer Ed Adlum will be in attendance for Shriek of the Mutilated.

Tickets to Masters of the Grind are $16.50. Tickets to There’s Nothing Out There are $12.50. Tickets to the two marathons are $35.00 for general admission and $50 for VIP. The latter includes early admission, a free poster, and a chance to win a t-shirt.

Lumiere Cinema is presented at the Music Hall. The address is 9036 Wilshire Boulevard in Beverly Hills. The official website is lumierecinemala.com. For more information, call (310) 274-6860, or email peter@lumierecinemala.com.

Steve Biodrowski, Administrator

A graduate of USC film school, Steve Biodrowski has worked as a film critic, journalist, and editor at Movieline, Premiere, Le Cinephage, The Dark Side., Cinefantastique magazine, Fandom.com, and Cinescape Online. He is currently Managing Editor of Cinefantastique Online and owner-operator of Hollywood Gothique.