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Halloween 2014: Hezby Cemetery’s Newest Occupant

The Afterlife’s Number One Blogger! Who knew?

Apparently, I have been immortalized in The Hezby Cemetery, as you can see from the accompanying photograph. It’s not quite as tony as a final resting place in Hollywood Forever Cemetery, but it will do.

Hezby Cemetery will open its gates from October 25-31, with hours from sundown till 9pm. The address is 11922 Hesby Street, Valley Village, CA 91607. The yard haunt provides a spooky but kid-safe environment, with projection effects, smoke, lights, and lasers.

Please note the distinction between the spelling of the cemetery’s name (Hezby with a “z”) and the street name(Hesby with an “s”) – the result of an unfortunate typo on my part last Halloween, which the proprietor decided to retain.