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Halloween 2017 Podcast: Wicked Lit & Fallen Saints

Join us for  Hollywood Gothique’s Halloween 2017 podcast, featuring new, reviews, and interviews regarding the best seasonal attractions in and around Los Angeles.

This episode focuses on two theatrical productions, the Wicked Lit Halloween Theatre Festival and Fallen Saints: Dia De Los Muertos. A perennial Halloween favorite, Wicked Lit is currently playing on the grounds of the Mountain View mausoleum and Cemetery in Altadena. This year’s trio of short plays are based on “The Damned Thing,” “The Open Door,” and Egyptian legends; the wrap-around story linking them together is “Liliom.” Fallen Saints, now in its second year, is at Generation DCD theatre in Burbank, where it offers an interactive experience that casts the audience as family members paying respect to loved ones on the Day of the Dead.

Fallen Saints Dia De Los Muertos
Fallen Saints: Dia De Los Muertos

Guests are three member of Wicked Lit‘s creative team Darin Anthony (director Thoth’s Labyrinth), Kerry Kazmierowicztrimm (playwright, Liliom), and Sebastian Muñoz (director, The Damned Thing). Collectively, the explore the difficulties of staging three horror dramas in a graveyard, all performed simultaneously, with the audience following the actors from setting to setting – and hopefully not running into the other productions!

Muñoz is also the co-creator, co-writer, and co-director (With Andy Shultz) of Fallen Saints. After the Wicked Lit portion of the conversation, Muñoz he relates developing an idea for a theatrical Halloween presentation into what will hopefully become an annual anthology.

Image at top: Jena Hunt in “The Open Door” at Wicked Lit. Photo by Daniel Kitayama.

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