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Halloween 2020 Yard Haunts: South Bay

The good ol’ South Bay region of Los Angeles has long been home to many fine Halloween Home Haunts, but over the course of the past decade, the number has declined, thanks to the disappearance of Spydr Hill Cemetery and Revenge of the Ninja.

Nevertheless, Hollywood Gothique was able to find three entertaining yard haunts, including a venerable war horse that is the main reason for visiting the area. In addition, there is a fourth haunt that will be open on Halloween Night – good news for trick-or-treaters who live in this sometimes overlooked region.


2020 South Bay Yard Haunts: Torrance

The Haunted Shack
5112 Maricopa Street, Torrance
October 30, 31 & November 1

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The Haunted Shack is the star attraction that has been luring haunt-seekers from all over Los Angeles for years – perhaps the most consistent reason to be in the South Bay on Halloween Night.  Seeing it is not always easy for those who live far away, because it tends to be open only one or two days every October. This year, however, because of the Coronavirus pandemic, the home haunt has switched from a maze to a spectacular yard display, which has been open all month. You can read about the Haunted Shack’s transition for Halloween 2020 in our exclusive 2020 Q&A session with the owner.

Spooky Spectacular Halloween Display
17008 Spinning Ave, Torrance, CA 90504
Open Until November 3, 7 – 09:30 PM

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This display lives up to its name: it is surely spookily spectacular. It consists of what seem to be hand-made props and characters from classic horror movies that we know and love. Though we can’t verify if they were custom-made (since the owners were not around to confirm), we can say that we’ve never seen props like these before. Almost every character had some sort of motion including Regan Teresa MacNeil’s signature 360-degree head turn. This is definitely a must-see. Be sure to pair this up with The Haunted Shack. Freddy is waiting for you on a park bench near the right side of the display – waiting for you to capture a selfie with him, that is!

2020 South Bay Yard Haunts: Hawthorne

The Ghoulie Graveyard
14722 Fonthill Ave, Hawthorne, CA 90250
Weekends until October 31, 8-10pm

Hawthorne Halloween yard haunt 2020

Exactly like and how the name sounds, the Ghoulie Graveyard is a cutesy little neighborhood cemetery display. It’s perfect for a short stop if you’re visiting The Haunted Shack and Spooky Spectacular Halloween Display.

2020 South Bay Yard Haunts: Rolling Hills Estates

Silver Shadows Cemetery
24 Silver Saddle Ln, Rolling Hills Estates, CA 90274
October 31, 6-10pm

We were unable to visit this yard haunt, which is open Halloween Night only, but the YouTube video from last year looks cool.


2020 South Bay Yard Haunts: Conclusion

If you plan to visit South Bay for Halloween, it will likely be your one destination for the night. In order to make it a memorable affair without travelling elsewhere, we suggest dining there as well. The Ragin’ Cajun Cafe has themed out it’s exterior for patio dining with Halloween inflatables and props. They also have a limited-time Halloween menu (food and drinks) until October 31. Ragin’ Cajun’s info is as follows: 525 S. Pacific Coast Highway, Redondo Beach, CA. Open daily, 11 am – 9 pm. ​For more info, call (310) 540-7403, or email: Info@RaginCajunCafe.com.


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