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For those seeking the Best Halloween Attractions in Los Angeles, we present this eclectic selection of creepy mazes, haunted hayrides, scary movies, terrifying theatrical experiences, and more.

Best Halloween Attractions in Los Angeles

The Best Halloween Attractions in Los Angeles can be divided into two groups. The first are what might be called “Perennials,” which have established a reputation and maintain a level of quality that makes them worth revisiting year after year. The second group are “One-Shot Wonders,” Halloween Attractions that pop up for a single year and then disappear, either because they were not profitable or because they could not secure a location; also included in this group are plays, which usually appear for only a single season.

Perennial Halloween Haunts have pages dedicated to them on our website, housing reviews, videos, and photographs spanning their careers; these will be linked below. One-Shot Wonders do not usually receive this treatment; instead, they are reviewed on the blog section of our website. You will find links to both types of events below.

  • Updates, Reviews & Videos includes the most recent posts about the Best Halloween Haunts in the Greater Los Angeles Area. Here you can find One-Shot Wonders that never lasted long enough to enter our permanent listings.
  • Categories itemizes the different kinds of Best Halloween Haunts in Los Angeles, followed by links in each category.

Note: Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, many of the Best Halloween Attractions were closed in 2020, so our assessments are based on their work in previous years. We will update our selections as we visit Halloween 2021 events.


Best Halloween Attractions: Updates, Reviews & Videos

Find reviews and videos of our favorite Los Angeles haunts and one-shot wonders in our archive of Halloween Recommendations.


Best Halloween Attractions: Categories

The Best Halloween Attractions come in various forms, and we try to avoid comparing rotten apples to bloody oranges. To help haunt-seekers navigate the labyrinth of choices, we have divided our favorite Halloween events and attractions into categories, according to where they are normally listed on our website:

We have selected most of these events as the Best Halloween Attractions in Los Angeles, because they maintain consistently excellent quality from year to year, frequently earning nominations and wins in our annual Halloween Haunt Awards. Consequently, you will find few if any one-off events, such as plays or exhibitions that ran during only a single season; those can be found by scrolling through Updates, Reviews & Videos above. Nor will you find attractions on hiatus or defunct below – those are listed in the Hollywood Gothique Hall of Fame or Graveyard of Halloween Haunts.

Click the links below to get more information on each Halloween attraction.

Best Halloween Attractions: Theme Parks

Halloween Theme Parks are year-round venues refashioned for the scary season, typically offering rides, shows, and other entertainment besides walk-through mazes.

The quality of these events remains fairly consistent from year to year, so you can get a good sense of what to expect by checking out these two articles, which compare the major theme park Halloween events in the Greater Los Angeles area:

Unfortunately, one of our favorite theme park-type haunts did not survive the 2020 pandemic: Dark Harbor is no more, since the Queen Mary is closed till further notice for repairs. However, a new event is taking on the surrounding grounds, Shaqtoberfest.

Below are listed the three Halloween Theme Park Attractions that are consistently worth seeing every October.

Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Studios Hollywood

2023 Dates: Select nights from September  7 through October 31. Updates: This Halloween's attractions include Stranger Things and The Last of Us. Tickets: Prices start at $74 in advance for general admission on select nights, with pricier options for Universal Express and Frequent Fear Passes. Click here for a comparison ...
Six Flags Magic Mountain Fright Fest 2018 Review

Six Flags Magic Mountain Fright Fest

2023 Updates: Six Flags Magic Mountain tried to get a jump on the Halloween season, announcing that Fright Fest would debut on September 8. However, the two new mazes, Sax X and The Conjuring, were not ready. A September 15 announcement on the Six Flags Facebook page addressed the latter: "Due ...
Knott's Halloween Haunt History 2007

Knott’s Berry Farm Halloween Haunt

2023 Dates: Select Nights September 21 through October 31. Tickets: Knotts Scary Farm Season passes are $149 for season-pass holders and $159 for non-season pass holders. Halloween Haunt Updates Read more in our Knott's Scary Farm Archive. Find other events in the Knott's Spooky Farm Archive and the Knott's Berry ...

Best Halloween Attractions: Festivals & Fun

Halloween Festivities is a broad category, including block parties, street scenes, pub crawls, and immersive experiences. These events do not get as much attention as the scary haunted houses, but many are worth of ranking among the Best Halloween Attractions in Los Angeles.

Dia De Los Muertos Festival

2023 Update: This year's theme is Mascaras de Mexico: Life and Death in the Mask. Date & Hours: Saturday, October 28th Dia De Los Muertos 9am to 3pm Noche de Los Muertos 5pm to midnight Tickets: Prices start at $35 for Dia De Los Muertos and at $60 for Noche De ...
Haunted Little Tokyo 2017

Haunted Little Tokyo

2023 & Hours: Ghost Tour on Saturday, October 22, 5-6pm Scavenger Haunt on Saturday, October 28, 1-5pm Haunted Little Tokyo Block Party, October 28, 6pm-midnight Location: East Second Street between San Pedro Street and Central Avenue Age Restriction: 21 and over. Little Tokyo's annual Haunted Block Party invites ghosts and ...
Nights of the Jack Halloween 2019 Review

Nights of the Jack: A Halloween Jack O’Lantern Experience

2023 Updates: Nights of the Jacks promises two new "massive" lantern art scenes, Dia De Los Muertos and Enchanted Forest, plus an Interactive Augmented Reality Scavenger Hunt. Dates & Hours: September 29 through October 31, except October 17; 6-10pm. Tickets: Prices range from $29.99 to 49.99, with lower prices on weekdays ...

West Hollywood Halloween Carnaval

2023 Update: After going on hiatus in 2020 and 2021 due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the West Hollywood Halloween Carnival returned in 2022. For Halloween 2023, they promise to be "better than ever." The city's vaccine verification requirements are no longer in effect, but visitors are advised to adhere to ...

Best Halloween Attractions: Museums, Galleries & Tours

Halloween Museums, Galleries, and Tours have some advantage over the other Best Halloween Attractions in Los Angeles: they are well-suited to timed entry, which can keep crowd levels low and allow for the social distancing necessary during a pandemic.

Haunted Haddonfield

Halloween 2023: This year's presentation, titled Welcome to Haddonfield 1978, will focus on John Carpenter's original Halloween rather than the sequels and reboots. Dates: September 2 through October 31. Opening Night Reception on September 2, 7-10pm. Hours: Wednesday 12-5pm, Friday  12-6pm, Saturday 12-8pm, Sunday 12-5pm. Closed Monday & Tuesday. Tickets: ...
Icons of Darkness Exhibition

Icons of Darkness Exhibition

2023 Status: The engagement remains open, with no fixed closing date. Tickets are sold up to a month in advance. Because the available space is limited, exhibits are rotated in and out over time, meaning you may see something different if you go back months later. The proprietors are looking ...

Best Halloween Attractions: Haunted Houses, Mazes & Rides

Halloween Mazes and Rides typically “pop up” in October, running for a few weeks. These stand-alone events may feature only a single attraction, though some are more like mini-theme parks, with multiple mazes and rides.

House of Spirits: A Haunted Cocktail Soirée

A Haunted Soirée: A Macabre Cocktail Party

2023 Update: For Halloween 2023, the event formerly known as House of Spirits: A Haunted Cocktail Soirée  has rebranded itself as Haunted Soiree: A Macabre Cocktail Party, and creator Justin Meyer promises "lot of changes." This year's presentation (loosely based on the Le Théâtre du Grand-Guignol, famous hauntings, and French folktales) is titled ...
All Saints Lunatic Asylum 2017

All Saints Lunatic Asylum

2023 Dates: Halloween: September 29-30, weekends in October plus October 30-31 Christmas at the Asylum: December 8-10 Hours: 7-10pm. Tickets: $13 Note: Advertisements have been disabled on this page due to the "shocking" content contained here. If you would like to preserve pages like this, uncensored and ad-free, please consider ...

Dark Harvest Haunted Attraction

2023 Dates: Weekends from September 29 through October 29, plus Halloween Night. Hours: 7-11pm on Fridays & Saturdays, 7-10pm on Sundays. Update: Dark Harvest moves to a new location for Halloween 2023, with new mazes: Shady Pines Asylum: The Escape and Scary Clowns. Tickets: $30 for regular admission, $45 for ...
Gates of Turnball Review

Haunted Rose

2023 Update: The Haunted Rose returns for its third Halloween at the Whittier Historical Society Museum, with a new theme titled Threshold of Darkness, featuring Dr. Macabro's Collection of Curiosities. Dates & Hours: The Haunted Rose Walkthrough runs October 21-22, 28-29, 6-11pm. (No show on Halloween Night.) Special Events: A Nightshade market ...
Reign of Terror entrance with title

Reign of Terror Haunted House

Christmas 2023 Dates & Hours: December 8-9, 7-11pm. Tickets: $35 regular access, $60 immediate access. Parking; Free Reign of Terror Haunted House Articles Learn more about the Reign of Terror: Reign of Terror Haunted House Information The Reign of Terror Haunted House is a multi-faceted maze that incorporates a spooky ...

Best Halloween Attractions: Theatre

Halloween Theatre, particularly immersive/interactive productions, were hard-hit by the 2020 pandemic. Fortunately, most are coming back for Halloween 2021.

Delusion: Interactive Theatre

2023 Update: Titled Nocturnes and Nightmares, this year's installment of Delusion promises an anthology of interactive horror stories that work on a meta-level, based on the concept of a mysterious Author who has apparently penned every Delusion story and is now tying them together in some sort of frightful climax. Note: ...

Urban Death: Tour of Terror

2023 Update: This year, Zombie Joe's Underground Theatre will present multiple shows during the Halloween Season: Urban Death Tour of Terror and Cabaret Macabre Halloween, Halloween Radio Spectacular. Also, Worst Ever productions will present Halloween After Dark and Halloween Radio Spectacular. Dates & Hours: Urban Death: Fridays & Saturdays in October, plus ...

Best Halloween Attractions: Home Haunts

Halloween Home Haunts, though non-profit amateur events, often showcase professional quality work that ranks them among the Best Halloween Attractions in Los Angeles. Distinctions are fluid, but “yard haunts” are typically decorated displays; “home haunts” and “garage haunts” often include walk-through mazes with actors in costume, for a stronger scare experience. After a turn toward front yard displays during the 2020 pandemic, we expect a return toward walk-through mazes this Halloween. These amateur efforts usually operate only for a few days at the end of October.

Beware The Dark Realm

2023 Status:  After taking time off in 2022 to collaborating on a fundraiser haunt called Bones Gulch, Beware the Dark Realm offers a small home haunt titled The Coven of Witches. Date: Halloween night only, starting at sunset. Beware the Dark Realm plans to return to Castaic in 2024 with ...

Gothic Hills Cemetery

Status: Closed for Halloween 2023. After submitting dates to some sources, Gothic Hills abruptly closed its cemetery "due to unexpected events." Gothic Hills Cemetery Articles Discover more in the Gothic Hills Archive: Gothic Hills Cemetery History When located in North Hills, this Halloween home haunt offered a decorated yard and ...

Haunt at Hellizondo

2023 Dates & Hours: October 28, 29, 30 (no scare actor) and 31, 7-10 pm. Update: This year's walkthrough is titled Hope's Edge Cemetery. Haunt at Hellizondo Articles Discover more in the Hellizondo archive: The Haunt at Hellizondo History After several seasons as a decorated yard, the Haunt at Helizondo ...
Holiday Fantasies: Pirates of the Caribbean 2019

Holiday Fantasies Come To Life

2023 Update: This Halloween's theme is Classic Monsters. Dates & Hours: October 7-31, 6:30pm. Admission: Free Holiday Fantasies Come to Life: Overview Holiday Fantasies Come To Life is, as the name suggests, not limited to Halloween. Rather, proprietors Tina Schaefer and Arnulfo Padilla decorate their home for both October and December, ...
Reichland Asylum video

Reichland Asylum Home Haunt

2023 Update: This year's theme is The Return of Sarah Crawford, Part 2. Dates & Hours: 13-14, 20-22, 27-29, Nov. 3-4, 7-10pm. Reichland Asylum Information Reichland offers a lengthy walk-through, which begins with new "patients" being escorted inside for a brief orientation, followed by decontamination. The path takes you inside and ...
rotten apple 907 Halloween Home Haunt logo

Rotten Apple 907

2023 Update: This Halloween's theme is "Let's Go to the Movies." Dates & Hours: October 21-22, 28-29, 31. Admission: Free, but donations are accepted to benefit the Volunteers of Burbank Animal Shelter. Rotten Apple 907 Haunts Articles Check out articles from our Rotten Apple Archive: Rotten Apple 907 History In operation ...

Spooky Hollows Home Haunt

2023 Update: This Halloween's presentation is another sidewalk show (fx, music, narration) with a Ghostbusters theme. Dates & Hours: October 20-22, 27-31, 7-10pm. Admission: Free, but Spooky Hollows accepts donations of canned goods to go to local charities. Spooky Hollows Home Haunt Articles Discover more in the Spooky Hollows Archive: Spooky ...

Best Halloween Attractions: Cinema

Street Food Cinema usually offers a good selection of horror films in outdoor locations, plus occasional Slasher Cinema screenings at the Million Dollar Theatre (including a spooky walk through the haunted basement. Other annual Halloween events include Halloween Film with Organ at Walt Disney Concert Hall and The Montalban’s Roofstop Screams.

Still can’t find what you want? Time Out lists some of the Best Halloween Attractions in Los Angeles.