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House of Spirits: Immersive Haunted Party

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Making its debut for Halloween 2019, House of Spirits immediately established itself as one of the best Halloween Festivities in Los Angeles – a one-of-a-kind experience that satisfies on every level. Though the name suggests a themed popup bar, House of Spirits is much more than that, incorporating elements of performance, immersive experience, interactive costume party, and even haunted house walk-through. However, in the end, House of Spirits is none of those things but rather its own unique combination.

House of Spirits keeps its Los Angeles location (“an eerie mansion in LA”) under wraps except to ticket buyers. The website is:

2020 Update: House of Spirits has announced dates for this Halloween (October 11 to November 2), but so far tickets are not on sale, only an option to sign up for a wait list.

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House of Spirits Immersive Experience Info

House of Spirits is not exactly a haunted house, though it does resemble one. Rather, it is a free-form experience, in which guests determine what suits them. The price of admission includes drink tickets for multiple bars, offering theme libations. Visitors can linger and mingle as if at a party or engage in numerous activities: listen to musicians, watch performers, or explore the mysteries of the house’s haunted history.

House of Spirits Immersive Experience History

The House of Spirits is the creation of Meyer2Meyer Entertainment, a company formed by the people who created the Los Angeles Haunted Hayride and the Great Horror Campout. The concept was to create a Halloween event with a “sandbox” style approach, allowing visitors to pick and choose which toys they wanted to play with.

Making its debut for Halloween 2019, House of Spirits presented itself as haunted house costume party, but it was really more of an immersive variety show. At the entrance, cards were given  describing the various activities, and visitors could decide where their time was best spent. The house was divided into three levels: live performances and interaction with the hosts (costumed actors playing the ghosts of former owners) on the ground floor, a spooky scavenger hunt on the upper floor, and scary walk-through activity in the basement. Six bars provided themed drinks, and there was also a sort of creepy underground lair outside, revealing a clue about the house’s haunted history.

Entrance was in timed intervals, providing just enough opportunity to visit everything, including a gruesomely funny puppet show. The only downside was that, in order to complete the scavenger hunt and walk-through scares, it was necessary to be judicious about how much time was spent lingering around the bar and interacting with the ghost-hosts. In other words, House of Spirits lived up to the old vaudeville entertainer’s motto: Always leave ’em wanting more.

House of Spirits was so successful that its run during the Halloween season was followed up with a Christmas version in November and December.

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