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Shoreline Village Halloween Haunt

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Most of the year, Shoreline Village is a cozy waterfront shopping and dining center overlooking Rainbow Harbor in Long Beach; however, when Halloween rolls around it transforms into a spooky (though still family-friendly) event, with live music, trick-or-treating, costume contests, vendors, and a zombie walk.

Shoreline Village
401-435 Shoreline Village Drive
Long Beach 90802

2022 Dates: Saturday, October 29, 4-10pm.

Since scaling back to a one-day, family-friendly event, Shoreline Village no longer offers a haunted house walkthrough. Instead, there is a Zombie Walk Halloween Party, including vendors, trick-or-treating, live zombie bands (live?), and of course lots of roaming zombies.

Shoreline Village Halloween Haunt Information

Shoreline Village Halloween 2018Every October, Shoreline Village offers a variety of Halloween activities: trick or treating, music, and live performances. Depending on how the calendar falls, these activities usually take place on the last Saturday before Halloween or on October 31 itself.

For a time there was a haunted house and a zombie walk: the former ran during the last weeks of October; the latter was a single-day event, usually on the final weekend before Halloween. Shoreline Village dropped the haunted house from its annual Halloween celebration in 2019, and the annual Zombie Crawl did not happen during the 2020 pandemic.

The Long Beach Zombie Fest used to takes place in the nearby Rainbow Lagoon. Since both events included a zombie walk, it was easy to confuse them. However, the Long Beach Zombie Fest was cancelled in 2019 while Shoreline Village’s Zombie Walk continued as planned.

After the 2020 pandemic lockdown, Shoreline Village returned for Halloween 2021 with a single-day event titled “Spooky Saturday,” including the usual kid-friendly entertainment.

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