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Burbank Haunted Adventure

Fairly spectacular for a do-it-yourself community haunt

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Perfectly calibrated it is for its target audience, Burbank Haunted Adventure is not too scary and not too tame, but just right. There is a block-party type feel, with fun and games for young trick-or-treaters, but the tour of terror through Starlight Bowl is one of the most imaginative amateur competitors among Halloween Mazes and Rides in Los Angeles.

Starlight Bowl at Stough Canyon Park
1249 Lockhead View Drive, Burbank
(818) 238-5440

2023 Dates & Hours: October 13-14, 20-21, 7-10pm. This year, Haunted Adventure expands its schedule to four dates spread out on two weekends.

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Burbank Haunted Adventure General Information

The Burbank Docents presents this annual Halloween event. Burbank Haunted Adventure includes a tour through a “very scary haunted house” – actually a fifteen-minute walk in and around the Starlight Bowl, which is occupied by dozens of ghouls.

The Burbank Haunted Adventure is a well done amateur effort, geared for the community, with scares that are fun but not too disturbing for children over six. The basic template remains the same, but the theme changes from one Halloween to the next, presenting new frights every year. Past Halloweens have featured demented fairy tales, campfire stories, and tributes to Hollywood horror such as Psycho and The Exorcist, not to mention American Horror Story.

An adult must accompany children under 12 years old, and children under 6 years old are not allowed. Flashlights, costumes, and props are not allowed on tour. The path leads up and down hill to the main location, so be ready for a hike.

Proceeds from the Burbank Haunted Adventure benefit the Burbank Park, Recreation & Community Services Department’s Nature Program.

After doing dark due to the 2020 Covid-19 pandemic, Haunted Adventure returned in 2022.

Other Burbank Halloween Happenings:

The City of Burbank offers other Halloween events, such as “Tot Halloween Party” for pre-school children and a Halloween Carnival for elementary children on Halloween Night. Both events are at McCambridge Recreation Center, 1515 North Glenoakds Boulevard. Check this webpage for more events and information, or call 818-238-5378.

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