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The Butler Estate

Butler Estate Flying Saucer
Aliens invade the Butler Area 51

Location: 3040 Moonstone Avenue, Simi Valley, CA 93065

2016 Dates: None – this home haunt has shut down.

Hours: Dusk till 10pm

Description: Formerly Butler’s Zombie Estate, this yard haunt transformed into Area 52 for Halloween 2014 and 2015. The walk-through maze, featuring animatronic aliens and actors, leans toward “the scary side of the spectrum.”

Butler Estate Walk-through
Butler Estate Walk-through

In 2015, Hollywood Gothique correspondent Marie Desloups wrote: “…this one home  haunt is impressive by itself; however, it is not alone – all four houses to the right are fully decorated for Halloween. […] Around to the left is a very short walk-through. You won’t find any jump-scares here, just a caged skeleton, and an alien escaping from its crate.”

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