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Scariest Halloween Haunted House in the Southland

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Seldom can we remember feeling so strongly that uncomfortable tingle running up our spine – the atavistic warning of something lurking behind us, ready to pounce. We have been amused, amazed, astounded, and awe-struck by other Halloween Mazes and Rides, but we have absolutely no hesitation about labeling HorrorWorld among the scariest haunted houses in Los Angeles.

Haven City Market
8443 Haven Ave
Rancho Cucamonga, CA 91730

Status: Closed Permanently: After going dark during the 2020 Covid-19 pandemic, HorrorWorld returned in 2021, but their Halloween show’s final dates were cancelled because of permit problems, and plans were announced to sell off the haunt. As one of the best professional haunts Hollywood Gothique ever enjoyed, it earned a place in our Halloween All-Star Hall of Fame.

Owner Larry Bones continues to work in the Halloween Haunt industry, provided makeup effects for such attractions as the House of Restless Spirits.

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HorrorWorld Overview

Making its debut at the Fairplex in Pomona for Halloween 2017 under the name Into the Black, this haunted attraction featured three components: a film, a walk-through haunted house, and a virtual reality experience. The film filled in the back story portrayed a paranormal investigation of a cursed dwelling. The haunted house allowed customers, one by one, to follow in the footsteps of the investigators, seeing the haunted house in present day. The virtual reality experience took participants into the past, showing the horrible events that led to the haunting.

HorrorWorld’s 2021 location in Haven City Market

After a successful first season, Boneyard Effects (the company behind the haunt) decided to expand Into the Black into a multi-haunt attraction for Halloween 2018, renamed HorrorWorld. The new event included a slightly revised Into the Black Maze, along with The Fleshyard (a successful Orange County Haunt), a new maze called Psycho Sanitarium, and a new VR experience, titled VKult (which was totally different from the previous VR attraction, telling a story separate from the Into the Black Maze). HorrorWorld also included vendors selling collectibles and snacks.

There were plans expand even further, moving to a new location adding more haunted attractions the following year. However, Into the Black was unable to secure a location for Halloween 2019 and went on hiatus, with a promise to return for Halloween 2020. In late August, the haunt moved to its new location, and creator Larry Bones (formerly of Halloween Horror Nights) announced that construction had begun on an upgraded version of Into The Black, modified to allow for the social distancing necessary to protect against spread of Covid-19. However, the event was cancelled due to new pandemic restrictions.

After going dark in 2020, HorrorWorld returned in 2021, relaunching with a Texas Chainsaw Massacre walk-through for three weekends at the end of Summer. The attraction resurrected its signature Into The Black theme for its walk-through during the Halloween season; unfortunately the show scheduled was cut short when the final dates in October were cancelled, because of permit problems. Shortly thereafter, plans were announced to sell off the haunt. We do not expect to see it return.

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