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Supremely spooky and incredibly creepy, The Haunted Vineyard was, in its day, the best stand-alone haunted house walk through in the Greater Los Angeles area.

3099 Guasti Road
Ontario, CA
Website: www.thehauntedvineyard.com

Having opened in 2002, The Haunted Vineyard had been going strong for two years before we discovered it in 2004. Unfortunately, it closed its doors after 2005. Although it is no longer in operation, we preserve this webpage as a tribute to one of our favorites that has shuffled off this mortal coil and gone to the great beyond where Halloween lives forever in timeless memory.

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DATES & HOURS: Nevermore! This excellent haunt closed its doors due to zoning issues. If you want to know what you missed, read our write-up of the 2005 incarnation.

ADMISSION: Formerly $12


BARGAINS: $2 off coupons (not good for Halloween Night). Also, after you’ve gone through once, your ticket stub granted readmission to the maze for $5 (on the same night).

FEATURES: Like the old Spooky House, this stand-alone haunted attraction was located in a permanent facility (the old Guasti winery). This provided excellent atmosphere and allowed for year-round planning and for greater detailing of sets. There were great environments, both indoors and outdoors, along with dozens of thrilling and (above all) fun scares; in fact, during its run, it was a contender for the single best walk-through maze in Southern California.

LOCATION: Situated across from a dirty parking lot, The Haunted Vineyard was located off a small street (barely more than an alley) dotted with dilapidated houses and a winery. By day, it merely looked drab, but at night it felt as if you were lost in the middle of nowhere and entering some backwoods nightmare — not quite TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE territory, but close enough.

DRAWBACKS: Located in Ontario (behind the Orange curtain), The Haunted Vineyard was somewhat out of the way for most Angelenos, but it was worth the drive. A single maze, the attraction was not a destination location for the entire evening, although there were booths selling souvenirs and snacks, along with photos ops with the Vineyard’s calendar girls. According to the haunt’s website, the root’s from the vineyard’s gravpe vines had grown down into a memorial cemetery, built where some workers were killed in a train crash decades previously. “News reports” posted on the website claimed that a mysterious sink hole opened during attempts to relocate the graves, leading to mysterious and unexplained occurrences….

ALSO OF NOTE: In order to maximize the scares, the staff insisted that visitors enter in small groups (usually two or three). This led to long lines on busy weekends, so it was a good idea to arrive early, especially late in the Halloween season.

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