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Alas, no more! Sadly, Old Town Haunt retired after giving its final performance in 2013. This page is archived for historical reference.

OLD TOWN HAUNT LEGEND: Starting in 2005, Old Town Haunt in Pasadena was one of the best Halloween Mazes in Los Angeles, thanks to its unique underground setting, twisted labyrinth, and enthusiastic monsters.  Located in the heart of Old Town Pasadena, this haunt (which billed itself as “Pasadena’s biggest and scariest”) was situated in a venerable building that (according to the website) was a bank that had been robbed decades ago: the robbers tried to escape through catacombs underground but were found horribly mangled by some unknown agency. Since then the catacombs were closed, but now they were re-opened for visitors to explore.

OLD TOWN HAUNT FEATURES: Old Town Haunt had a distinctive, subterranean setting that made it unique among Halloween attraction in Los Angeles. Visitors entered by walking down darkened stairs into dismal catacombs illuminated only by faint, flickering light. The sets and props within the labyrinth of tunnels were impressively elaborate and convincing (including a tiny crawlspace). Haunted by numerous ghoulish ghosts and angry apparitions, the underground haunt was more than extensive enough to give visitors their money’s worth.

OLD TOWN HAUNT KID’S MATINEE: For a time, Old Town Haunt offered a lights-on kiddie  version of their maze. However, they do present a milder matinee recommended for children ages 7-12; there are some effects, no live monsters, and fewer scares.

FORMER LOCATION: 20 N. Raymond Avenue in Old Town Pasadena.

RELATED HAUNTS: Before his untimely death, Old Town Haunt was co-owned by Bob Koritzke, who also owned or co-owned Spooky House , Seaside Haunt, Fearplex, and Skull Kingdom.

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