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The Horror on Frankel Street

2719 Frankel Street
Lakewood, California
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This ambitious and effective amateur Halloween attraction was a good bet for those living in the Lakewood suburb of Los Angeles.

Dates: Nevermore! After going on hiatus in 2014, Horror on Frankel Street sold its Halloween paraphernalia at a garage sale in 2015.

Horror on Frankel Street History
Copyright 2008 Steve Biodrowski
A Mutant farmer from Scarecrow Village

This amateur effort might be better termed a “garage haunt” – the maze took visitors through not only the back yard but also the garage. By the standards of amateur haunts, it was fairly densely populated with monsters lurking in the darkness. The technology, props and settings were fairly basic, but put to good effect.

Proprietor Steve Cometa started in 1998, hiding behind a bush and scaring kids after they got candy at the front door. After that, Horror on Frankel Street grew into a 2-3 minute walk-through maze that haunted neighbors for over a decade.

Horror on Frankel Street typically presented a brand new theme every Halloween: Scarecrow Village, Dark Carnival, Devil’s Tower Maximum Security Prison, Krazy Killer Klowns, Beneath: A Portal to the Underworld, etc.

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