Hollywood Gothique

Jackson Manor Yard Haunt

22506 N. Myers Street, Burbank, CA 91504

This was a cool Halloween yard haunt with some great decorations, that went dark in 2009. Jackson Manor began circa 2002 as a yard haunt, with tombstones and figures of familiar monsters like Dracula and the Wolf-man haunting the lawn, and an alien autopsy laboratory set up in the drive-way. By 2005, it had grown to feature its very own walk-through maze, with pulse-pounding music, claustrophobic corridors, a couple simple mechanical effects (e.g., a rotted body popping out of a can of toxic waste), and several ghouls lurking in the shadows.Due to time constraints, Jackson Manor offered only a yard display in 2007. In 2009, it went on a hiatus that turned out to be permanent.

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The yard haunt aspect of Jackson Manor was truly impressive, with a professional looking tomb dominating the lawn; its doors opened and closed automatically, unveiling spinning, hypnotic lights within. The maze was fun and scary, although the props and settings were not as elaborate as those in Nightmare Junction or Graveyard 907. After the maze, you could indulge in the archaic Halloween tradition known as “trick-or-treating,” picking up some candy at the front door – not only was the porch elaborately decorated, but so is the interior of the house, as well.

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