Hollywood Gothique

The Pirate Cave Yard Haunt

7919 Lasaine Avenue Northridge, CA 91325

This charming Halloween haunt was great for trick-or-treaters of all ages until it closed after 2009, when the proprietor Sean Jones switched to working on a professional haunt.


PIRATE CAVE INFORMATION: The Pirate Cave first materialized for Halloween 2003. As the name implies, this yard haunt features a painted flat suggesting a pirate ship, along with dancing fireflies and a murky harbor in the front yard. Next to this, a giant skull with flaming eyes sits atop the entrance to a walk-through maze representing the pirate’s cave. Inside, you’ll see a floating spirit and a ghoul or two lurking in the shadows, before you reach the “treasure” buried within – a cask of candy, naturally enough. With an emphasize on cool decor instead of intense scares, this is a fun little walk-through haunt – good enough for adults, safe enough for children – whose pirate theme and home-made props distinguish it from several other amateur Halloween efforts.