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Shiver Home Haunt

Shiver 2018 clown

Halloween Home Haunt

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Tucked in a quite neighborhood, this little Halloween home haunt delivers more than expected. The modest yard display out from is a mere prelude to the scares in the backyard, where a brief but tightly packed walk-through maze is filled with monsters. Though not overly elaborate, the production values are solid, the results impressive.

26154 Montolla Lane
Valencia, 91355

Status: Permanently Closed. After going dark during the Covid-19 pandemic, Shiver home haunt decided to retire their walk-through Halloween attraction, an announcement made in a July 2021 Facebook post explaining the decision was in response to the difficulty of building the haunt while maintaining full-time jobs. The proprietors will contribute to other home haunts such as Restless Souls Manor in Palmdale.

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Shiver History

After haunting at another location for a few years, this Halloween yard haunt moved to a new home in 2018, where they presented a spooky display in the front yard and a scary walk-through in the back yard. The relatively limited space is well-used, with a nice laser-light “swamp” scene, some crazy clowns, and a demon or two lurking in sulfurous climes.

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