13th Gate Asylum Haunted House

13th Gate Asylum Haunted House Halloween


Hollywood Gothique Says:

One of the most terrifying haunts we have ever survived. The concept is simple: keep things very dark so victims cannot see what is coming for them, but it is executed with an intensity few ever match.

2019 Location
1975 Lockwood Street
Oxnard, CA 93036

Status: After going on hiatus during of the Covid-19 pandemic, 13th Gate Asylum did not return for Halloween 2021. Its future remains in limbo.

The 13th Gate Asylum History

For many years, the 13th Gate Asylum: A Haunted Dwelling offered a free, amateur Halloween haunt in Camarillo, with a cast of 30 members, featuring a new theme and a reconfigured walk-through maze every season: Carn-Evil (2009), The Haunted Forest (2010), Nightmares (2011).

13th Gate Asylum 2011 poster
Halloween 2011

After 2011, The 13th Gate Asylum moved to a new location and went on hiatus for 2012, with a promise to return in 2013 – a promise that did not materialize. After missing several other Halloweens, 13th Gate Asylum eventually revived in new form for Halloween 2018.

That year, 13th Gate Asylum joined forces with the Simi Sunrise Rotary Club to bring a 15,000 square-foot haunt to the Simi Valley Town Center, titled Voodoo on the Bayou. The event was recommended for ages 13 and over, with non-scare presentations on some dates and afternoons for children and less courageous adults.

For 2019, 13th Gate Asylum moved to an abandoned warehouse on Lockwood Street in Oxnard, where it offered a new, very dark walk-through, titled Unforeseen.  Settings were minimal, but the cast and crew crafted an unnerving horror experience too intense for those under 13, with softer, lights-on presentations on some weekend afternoons.

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