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Hacienda Heights Haunted Maze

haunted house on punta del copy2125 Punta Del Este Street in Hacienda Heights, CA
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Retired: The haunt went dark in 2016. According to the proprietors, the haunt will likely not return..

Formerly listed as The Haunt on Punta Del Este, this home-made walk-through started haunting its Hacienda Heights neighborhood in 2012. It featured a dark labyrinth that wrapped around the house, taking visitors into the back yard and through the garage, before depositing them out front again (assuming they got out alive).

The production values were fairly basic, but like all good home haunts, this one survived on the energy and enthusiasm of its cast, who provided scares modulated to suit their guests: all-out for adults but toned down for children.

Unfortunately, Hollywood Gothique’s one trip to the Hacienda Heights Haunted Maze was rained out – which turned out to be a memorably enjoyable experience, because everyone involved tried so hard to keep the show going, and we mistook the chaos resulting from the torrential rainfall as part of the act. We hoped to return someday for the dry version; now we do not know whether we will ever get the chance.

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