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Mystic Motel

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Home Haunt Dark Ride - Through the Garage!

Hollywood Gothique Says:

It’s almost unbelievable – a dark funhouse ride inside the garage of a private home – but it’s true and completely amazing. Only drawback is the short duration due to limited space; otherwise, this is highly recommended.

36 Lewiston Ct., Ladera Ranch, CA. 92694

Status: In Limbo. Mystic Motel went on hiatus in 2021. At the time, they announced plans to reopen in 2022 with a redesigned and extended attraction, but since then no further announcements have been made.

Mystic Motel Info

This Halloween home haunt offers an actual fun-house-style ride through the garage. It seems impossible, but it’s true!

The Mystic Motel is a family friendly attraction – more fun than terrifying – but they will tone down the scares for young children and families upon request.

Halloween night tends to have the highest occupancy rate, so visitors should consider visiting the day before or after.

Parking on Flintridge in Ladera Ranch and walking to Lewiston court is recommended.

Mystic Motel History

Mystic Motel made its debut in 2013 with an actual ride instead of a simply walk-through: a mobility scooter, adapted to run on a track, took eager trick-or-treaters on a 38-second depiction of a trip through the basement of a haunted hotel (actually the inside of the garage). Following a successful Kickstarter campaign for 2014, Mystic Motel expanded to include a walk-through maze of the hotel itself.

After Halloween 2015, the proprietors shifted their efforts to professional haunting, shuttering their home haunt for Halloween 2016. In October of 2017, the Mystic Motel reopened its doors.

Mystic Motel went on hiatus again in 2019 with a promise to return in a new, better location, which they announced in an October 25 Facebook post: “Mystic Motel will not be operating in Ladera Ranch this year as the there was a flood. However, we are in the process of finding a suitable venue that can accommodate more guests and a bigger better version of the attraction.”

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