Hollywood Gothique

The Spydrhill Cemetary

1522 w 222nd Street, Torrance, California 90501

Spydrhill Cemetary entrance

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This web-encrusted and arachnid-infested yard haunt celebrated its final year at its original location in 2013. The haunt went dark the following year; however, the proprietor passed the baton to his son, who may resurrect Spydrhill Cemetary in the future. We will let you know if we hear of any developments.

In its heyday, Spydrhill offered three fright-filled rooms: Cobweb Alley, Clowns of Chaos, and Spydrhill Cemetary. Guests who dared to enter would find themselves in a once-beautiful town now overrun by arachnids. If you make it through the winding maze, candy will be your reward.

Spydrhill scaled back somewhat during its final two years, due to lack of funds. The proprietor set up a Kickstarter account in 2012 but was unable to meet his goal. Nevertheless, the haunt did continue until 2013.

Admission was free, but donations were accepted to offset cost.

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