Hollywood Gothique

The Whitecliff Road Haunted Manor

1077 Whitecliff Road, Thousand Oaks, CA

Whitecliff skeleton

Once a fairly elaborate yard haunt with a walk-through maze, Whitecliff Manor was scaled back to a front-yard display in 2012. For 2014, the proprietors decided to go on hiatus in order to visit other yard haunts. They may or may not return to home haunting in the future; they are working on a plan to produce a haunt for a local high school as a fundraiser.


Formerly known as the Van Noord Street Haunted House (when it was situated on Van Noord Street in Los Angeles), this amateur Halloween yard haunt (put on by some genuine Halloween enthusiasts) featured a front yard decorated as a pet cemetery and a short, walk-through tunnel with some nice black-light decorations and a brief, surprise scare at the end. After moving to Thousand Oaks, the haunt expanded its pet cemetery, and added an electric chair and a haunted foyer with a dead butler to guide guests through a 42-foot walk-through maze. Due to time constraints, the maze was abandoned in 2007, then resurrected for 2008, then abandoned again – this time, apparently, for good. After taking a year off to visit other haunts in 2009, the proprietors returned for 2010, then sat out 2011 again. In 2012, they resumed as a front-yard-display only, with no walk-through.

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